He is a Nice doggy

Submitted by JohnZion on Sat, 03/26/2011 - 13:34

I did a home inspection in Cheyenne Wells earlier this week.  The home owner asks me, " You wont need to get in the back yard will you?"  The back yard includes a big part of the house, landscaping, the unattached garage and a dog.

  She (the home owner) says, if you need in the back yard I will go with you to keep the dog away from you.  As I am inspecting the rest of the house exterior she decides to lock the dog in the garage which is next on my list to inspect.  The dog has spotted fresh meat and pays no attention to the boss lady what so ever.  I am sizing up the pooch from a distance, actually through a crack in the wood fence and seeing no red eyes, raised hackles, no growling rumbling from deep in the throat I have about decided the dog may just want to play, pull my leg so to speak.

At this point the pooch warden has given up on dog control and I ask the big question.  Is the dog friendly?  I receive the expected answer,  " he is a nice dog, he won't bite"  followed by the qualifier, " I had to go to court and pay a fine because my dog bit this guy but this guy pulled his ear, but he wont bite you, they didn't impound him or anything, I just have to keep him locked up so he won't bite anybody if they pull his ears".  Just what I wanted to hear.

Well I weighed my options, I could open the gate and climb a tree, if there was a tree.  The home owner had retired to the house, no help forthcoming from that quarter.  What to do? Finally, I swallowed, opened the gate slowly, and stepped into the yard,  I reached down with a shaky hand and scratched the nice doggies ears. He was a nice dog, we played, I scratched his ears, and we parted as mans best friend.  This story is entirely true, I wouldn't pull your ears.

Submitted by JohnZion on Sat, 03/26/2011 - 13:34